Weston Table Event Featured In Boston Globe Metrowest

Sienna Farms of Sudbury, Massachusetts, promoted Weston Table's latest BACKYARD BEE KEEPING & GARDENING EVENT in their Spring newsletter. 

Over fifty garden enthusiasts gathered in Weston to listen to Noah Wilson Rich, founder and CEO of Best Bees CO and the Urban Beekeeping Laboratory and Bee Sanctuary quell myths, answer questions, and share a hypothesis surrounding colony collapse disorder and the alarming disappearance of honey bees since 2006 (even the bees bodies disappeared it seemed into thin air). Following the backyard honey beekeeping discussion, Noah signed copies of his book, THE BEE A NATURAL HISTORY, and tasted for himself Weston Table's honey inspired menu. To top off an extraordinary afternoon, STONEGATE GARDENS in Lincoln shared their tips on how to plant pots and attract honey bees with bee friendly flowers.

To introduce Weston Table's marketplace, guests were invited to enjoy a unique shopping experience in the garden. Games, Father's Day gifts, gardening tools, antiques, and linens from around the world offered a glimpse into Weston Table's online experience that asks guests to enter and escape the ordinary. A collection of thoughtfully selected items captivated the attention and curiosity of a mind and body nourished crowd hoping to linger a bit longer in the garden.

For information about how to get your own backyard beehive up and sweetening your life, visit BEST BEES CO., or to find delicious recipes, travel and garden inspiration, or a selection of artisanal home goods and vintage finds, visit WESTON TABLE