Revere Bowl

Revere Bowl

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Every family needs an heavy duty bowl for feeding hungry crowds after Saturday afternoon soccer matches or during the World Series or Super Bowl championships.

The Simon Pearce Revere Bowls are Inspired by American silversmith and Patriot Paul Revere's Sons of Liberty silver bowl. Honoring one of the United State's most cherished historical treasures, this glass bowl is a reminder of those early patriots who fought for independence even before the American Revolution even began. Fill with collector's items, Christmas ornaments, yogurt parfaits, or perhaps as a striking bowl of salty pretzels for Super Bowl Sunday.

In 1981, Simon Pearce journeyed from Ireland to find the perfect place to establish his European traditional glassblowing artisanal trade in America. Settling in the picturesque town of Quechee, Vermont, Simon Pearce purchased a historic woolen mill and began sharing his refined design aesthetic with an American audience. 

Handmade in Quechee, Vermont USA

Extra Small
3.25" H x 5.25" W x  5.25" D
10 Ounces

5.25" H x 7.5" W X 7.5" D
48 Ounces

6" H x 9.5" W x 9.5" D
180 Ounces

7" H x 13" W x 11" D
180 Ounces

Dishwasher safe. Hand washing recommended.

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