Sir|Madam Oyster Napkin Set

Sir|Madam Oyster Napkin Set


The French have their wine, the Irish their beer, and Americans their spirits and oysters.

A geographical catalogue of North American oysters, these unique 100% linen napkins offers some food for thought. The soft washed fabric with aesthetically pleasing frayed edges is suited to dressing any table up or down. A dinner conversation starter as guests discuss which of the tasty little mollusks they have tried and on what shores they found them.

Serve oysters paired with a dirty martini, gin gimlet, absinthe, or Hemingway daiquiri for an adventurous gathering in any month with the letter R, when meaty bivalves are most succulent. 

Hand Screened in India

21" Square

Set of Four

100% Linen

Machine wash. Tumble dry low. Remove when damp and iron for crisp, finished look.

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