Sir|Madam Oyster Placemats

Sir|Madam Oyster Placemats


The French have their wine, the Irish their beer, and Americans their spirits and oysters.

A geographical catalogue of North American oysters, these unique 100% linen placemats offers some food for thought. The soft washed fabric with aesthetically pleasing rolled hem on all sides is suited to dressing any table up or down. A dinner conversation starter as guests discuss which of the tasty little mollusks they have tried and on what shores they found them.

Serve oysters paired with a dirty martini, gin gimlet, absinthe, or Hemingway daiquiri for an adventurous gathering in any month with the letter R, when meaty bivalves are most succulent. 

Hand Screened in India

20.5”  W x 14” H

Set of Four

100% Linen

Machine wash. Tumble dry low. Remove when damp and iron for crisp, finished look.

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