Jean Vier Sheep Tea Towel

Jean Vier Sheep Tea Towel


Have you any wool? Better yet, how about some sheep's milk cheese, or this Jean-Vier French Sheep Tea Towel?

This kitchen towel is every bit as functional as it is delightful. The perfect towel to hand the person grilling to perfection a platter of lamb chops, or perhaps even more perfect, the tea towel of choice for wrapping a baguette for a sheep's milk inspired cheese platter.

Each tea towel is oversized with the pattern woven into the fabric on antique jacquard looms. The colorful Basque countryside on the borders between France and Spain provide the inspiration for the beautiful and charming designs found on each tea towel.

In the spirit of the French Basque tradition, Jean-Vier tea towels bring style and innovation together to create linens that are an alliance between man and nature. The history of Basque linen is intertwined with the history and culture of the Basque region. Originally woven for peasants who needed to protect their cattle from the harmful effects of the sun, the vibrant Basque linens of today are elegantly hard wearing and represent superior quality.

Made in France

24" W x 34" L

100% Cotton

Machine wash cold. Tumble dry low.

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