Brahms Mount Wool Fez Silver Throw

Brahms Mount Wool Fez Silver Throw


Spun from fine-micron Italian wool, this gorgeous Bohemian throw is inspired by the traditional two sided embroidery of Fez, Morocco.

Natural fibers and earth-friendly practices were woven into the fabric of Brahm Mount since its inception in 1983. Every part of the process, from sourcing yarns to manufacturing products, involves making choices with minimal impact. Colorfast, eco-friendly dyes achieve vibrant hues. The safest possible methods give the whites their characteristic brightness. The natural fibers are just that – pure and undyed, with a clean, untreated finish. Feel-good fibers, in every sense.

Made in Maine

48" W  x 72" L

100% Fine Micron Wool 

Pre-washed and pre-shrunk. Dry clean only.

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