1880's South American Equestrian Side Saddle Slippers

1880's South American Equestrian Side Saddle Slippers


A rare antique pair of South American lady's colonial style fancy floral motif 900 silver cast equestrian stirrup slippers. 

Nicely crafted, the stirrup with curved footplate and cap to are decorated with elaborate flowering vines; the center with hinged arch engraved decoration and floral motif at the base, the top of the arch with suspension loop in the form of a hand clasping a wreath. 

A similar example can be found in the collection of the Brooklyn Museum of Art (Accession Number 41.1275.219). When the Spanish came to the Western Hemisphere, they reintroduced the horse to regions where it had long been extinct. This animal had a far-reaching impact on life and culture in the Americas, including the production of equestrian adornments and images. This elaborately decorated, slipper-style stirrup is a luxury example of riding equipment for women. 

South America Circa 1880's

8" L

Excellent Vintage Condition

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