18th Century German Drinking Horn

18th Century German Drinking Horn


Popular for thousands of years before it resurfaced in Game of Thrones, this rare sterling silver duck mouth pieced horn is a genuine enlightenment collectible.

These horns are the most spectacular known specimens of Germanic Iron Age drinking horns, but they were lost in 1802 and are now only known from 17th to 18th century drawings. Some notable examples of drinking horns of Dark Ages Europe were made of the horns of the Aurochs, the wild ancestor of domestic cattle

Drinking horns managed to make the jump from their Pagan roots to Christian society in Medieval Europe, gaining popularity in the 13th century among clergy and noble households. Christians adopted the drinking horn tradition so fervently that a horn is often shown among the gifts being presented to the Christ Child upon His birth.

Sometime in the fifteenth century, drinking horns became purely ceremonial. They retained their rich symbolism and were often given as gifts at court, but they were now only for decoration and status.

Germany Circa 1790's

10” H x 2.5” D

Excellent Vintage Condition

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