Meier & Frank Vintage Leather & Willow Creel

Meier & Frank Vintage Leather & Willow Creel


This beautifully tooled rich, dark patina willow and leather fishing creel was made by famous Oregon creel maker A.E. Nelson for M&F.

This is a tightly woven 15" split willow basket that was woven in Japan then imported to the United States to be leathered by creel makers of the period. In this case, A.E. Nelson imported the basket, did all the leather work, and stamped it with the Meier & Frank name before they delivered it to the famous Northwest Store. M&F is long out of business but in its day was well known for their sporting goods department.

This collectible has an embossed fish measure on the rear of the top lid from 0" to 11". There was no harness found with this creel which was a "aftermarket" purchase anyway. 

USA Circa 1930's

13.5" W x 7" D x 9.5" H

Excellent Vintage Condition

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