Vintage French Baguette Board

Vintage French Baguette Board

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Prized for their rich patina and authenticity, bread trays were functional items for making a French man's daily bread--loaves could be as long as six feet.

When French law mandated that no person could be called to work before 4 a.m. the bread recipe had to change in order to be ready for breakfast. Longer slender loaves cooked faster and for two centuries a the crispy exterior and moist chewy interior of a baguette has ruled. Today, the burns scars, flour deposits and knicks in authentic baguette trays speak to a purposed history. Use to present charcuterie, cupcakes, cheese, or a clever presentation for GRILLED LAMB LOLLIPOPS with ORANGE ZEST, THYME & SWEET POTATOES or maki sushi for a crowd. Line with tea lights and fresh herbs for a rustic tablescape indoors or out, or seasonal fruit on a kitchen or dining table instead of flowers.

France Circa 1920's

42" L x 3.5" W

Excellent Vintage Condition

From time to time, use a food safe wax or mineral oil to prevent the wood from drying out and maintain the wood's luster.  Hand wash soapy water. Dry thoroughly. Do not submerge in water.

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