Purl London


The classic culinary techniques employed behind the bar deliver a menu of creative and thoughtful libations with names evoking different times, places, and fantasies. A two-hour apprenticeship with a master mixologist includes some basic as well as impressive techniques that can and should be tried at home. Who knew that cocktail making is both a science and an art that can be mastered outside of school? Learn how to properly shake and strain a drink. Repurpose tea cups, mismatched crystal, and camping tins to entertain guests. Practice safely managing a kitchen torch. Navigate a discussion on the sweeter, stronger alcohol palate of Europeans versus the American preference for more bitterness in cocktails. Engage in a discussion on homemade shrubs (a zingy libation of fruit and sugar steeped in vinegar), Chartreuse (an early 17th century lime green Monk made French liqueur), and a South African bush inspired herbaceous gin that seeks to save African elephants bottle by corked bottle.

The whole Purl London bespoke cocktail affair rewards the wanderlust with a nostalgic nod to social clubs of the past while remaining firmly planted in the modern world with access to spirits and tastes from all corners of the world.


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