Pollen Street Social


Michelin Starred English chef Jason Atherton’s Pollen Street Social delivers food that looks pretty and tastes extraordinary. Since Pollen Street Social opened in 2011, Atherton has opened sixteen other restaurants around the world including other Michelin star projects in New York City, Dubai, and Shanghai. Nonetheless, he finds time to personally oversee the kitchen at Pollen Street Social. For a guy that didn’t graduate from high school and as a lad earned money giving donkey rides on English beaches, Atherton has achieved notoriety and success as one of the world’s great chefs. Plenty of healthy eating, vegetable centered, smallish plates are delivered to the table by friendly, yet unobtrusive waitstaff willing to make recommendations and answer questions. When asked what shouldn’t be missed on the menu, the waiter grinned and noted, “the oyster ice cream.” Hmm, if there ever was a test, this was it. Plucked from a sea of well thought out approachable options prepared in stunning detail, the endorsement of something as controversial as turning a briny bivalve into a sweetened flavored milk fat and serving it as one of the options in the Atherton “Seafood Tower”, could have gone either way. Turns out, this funky sounding combination is, like nearly everything on the Atherton cooks, why people just can not get enough of his cooking.