Sophie's Restaurant & Bar


Sophie’s is Dublin’s closest relative to the New York hipster restaurant scene. The floor to ceiling glass walls of this Georgian building’s rooftop restaurant and bar provide sprawling unimpeded skyline views of town and country. Sophie’s takes a page out of Manhattan cool with its modern Irish and Italian-American influenced decor and menu. Exposed wooden beams, a herringbone patterned floor, and an industrial modern theme combine wide open space with glass, wood, metal and marble and contribute to the cool kid vibe. Nonetheless, Sophie’s remains a casually comfortable and welcoming eatery catering to the foodie demanding ambience crowd.


A burnt orange wood-fired oven is the pride of Sophie’s kitchen. The usual pizza suspects, pepperoni and margherita, are neighbors of more interesting combinations such as “Pancetta, Mozzarella, Chili & Crispy Basil” and “Shines Irish Tuna, Gordal Olives, Courgette & Gouda”. The eclectic menu places a premium on local ingredients and unfussy, homestyle transcontinental cooking with Irish flair. Main dishes include the local favorite black pudding, beef cheeks, and soda bread, but rest assured, the food enthusiastically sidles up to the pasta & risotto, chargrilled, meat-loving, pescatarian, vegetarian, and you-name-it crowds. Open 22 hours a day, this moderately priced restaurant is also the perfect place for before and after dinner drinks, belly warming and filling breakfasts, and delicious one cup at a time made coffee.



33 Harcourt St, Saint Kevin's, Dublin 2, Ireland
+353 1 607 8100