Mussel Pot

Mussel Pot


Steam and serve mussels directly from the Staub Cast Iron Mussel Pot. The traditional design for moules makes a stunning presentation.

Ready in under ten minutes, mussels make a wonderfully light and delicious meal. Garnished with some farmer's market leeks and steamed in a white wine, this dish is at once elegant enough for a formal dinner party and rustic enough for serving for a family supper in which grilled toast is used to unabashedly sop up the steaming juices.

The self-basting system of the lid of the Staub mussel pot is designed to create a rainfall-like effect to maintain moisture and continuously and evenly baste the food inside the vessel. 

Made in France

8.9" H x 8.4" D

2 Quarts

Lifetime Warranty

Dishwasher and oven safe to 750 degrees F. Hand washing with mild detergent followed by thorough drying prolongs the beauty of the product.

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